Constitutional Organization for Food Security


The constitutional document imposes many obligations and duties on the public authorities in the state, most notably providing food to all the inhabitants of the state. This duty is new, due mainly to the legislator's efforts at the level of international law and then to the level of domestic legislation. The concept of satisfying the food needs is linked to the national security of the state as it affects its political independence and is a criterion for measuring the economic and social strength of the state. Countries with developed economies are characterized by the abundance and export of foodstuffs to countries that can not satisfy their demand for domestic products. In some countries, but also to provide an adequate supply of food to fill the demand in the future in the event of emergency conditions under which food can not be produced. It is worth mentioning that many constitutional systems have adopted the concept of food security by To its importance and its impact on the lives of the population as it is not possible to imagine the continuation of the permanence of human life in the case of depletion or exposure to levels of danger .