Study the tensile strength for epoxy composite reinforced with fibers and particles


: This research include the study of tensile strength for the polymer and the composite materials, we using the epoxy resin as matrix for the reinforced materials that consist of artificial fibers (Kevlar, glass and PVC fibers) also aluminum powder for reinforcing.The slates made of composite materials and hybrid composite materials for both volume fractions 20% and 40% from the reinforced materials, Twenty one slates were made from the composite materials, all these slates were cut into samples with measurement (10x 80mm) in order to execute the tensile strength test for both volume fractions 20% and 40%. The results and laboratory examinations for these samples shows increase in the tensile strength for composite materials when the volume fraction increase from 20% to 40% for reinforced material, the samples from type (EK) have tensile strength is higher than all samples for both volume fraction.