Bacterial Infection in the Neonatal Unit of the Maternity and Pediatrics Hospital in Diyala Iraq


Abstract:Objective: This study was carried out to find out the factors associated with neonatal infection among neonates to the special baby care unit (SBCU) at the Maternity and Paediatrics Hospital in Diyala governorate.Methods: All admitted neonates (533) to the SBCU for the period 20th Dec. 1999 to 20th June 2000 were included in the study. Demographic and medical data of the mothers, birth weight of neonates, delivery place and delivery attendant were obtained. Multiple logistic regressions were used to study the association between neonatal infection and the studied factors.Results: Out of the total neonates, there were 176 (33%) neonates with bacterial infection. Birth weight, gestational age, maternal age, maternal education, hypertension, UTI, delivery place and delivery attendants were significantly associated with neonatal infection. Antenatal care was not associated with neonatal infection.Conclusion: Several variables were found to be associated with in the SBCU. These findings were discussed in the view of the effects of gulf wars and economic sanctions on neonatal health.