The historical role of Iraqi universities in building national identity


The Iraqi universities must have a role in spreading a culture that emphasizes the rise above the partial interests and the nationalities, so that they become at the level of national responsibility, and failure to reflect their inability to represent the values of modern political vision and standards, rather than reflect the ignorance of the people or illiteracy or intolerance to this religion or that . It is not necessary for civil society to be liberated from its various religious , sectarian or ethnic affiliations, which reflect the reality of the situation, but rather to free the academic elite from its partial understandings so that it can embody the example of patriotism and liberate the state and its institutions from the possibility of dependence on the special ideologies. Its national policies to a nation -state or, more precisely, the state of its citizens. All this does not negate the role played by this institution in the production of qualified elite belonging to different social origins, which now occupies a scientific position that can be adopted in the development of Iraqi universities and give them a direct role in developing solutions and remedies for problems that cause breakdowns in loyalty to the homeland and distortion of identity and belonging.This understanding of the role that should be played by Iraqi universities at the present time lies behind the reason for choosing the title of research.