The Role of Organizational Climate's Deminsion on Enhancing Organizational Commitment "An Exploratory study of views of a sample of teaching staff at Koya Technical Institute"


This study aims to explore the role of organizational climate, represented by its dimensions (organizational structure, communications, participation in decision-making) in enhancing the organizational commitment of the teaching staff, represented by its dimensions (Normative commitment, Emotional commitment, Continuous commitment) at the Technical Institute in the city of Koya in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. For the purposes of the present study a questionnaire developed for data collection, and a number of hypotheses and sub- hypotheses were presented to examine the correlation and impact between organizational climate and organizational commitment. (50) questionnaire were distributed (44) return and it was good for analysis. The study found that there is a positive correlation and a significant impact between organizational climate and organizational commitment. Study recommended the importance of the need to emphasize of organizational climate prevailing to promote the positive aspects and address the negative aspects.