The Delay in Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Tuber culosis in AL-Anbar Province


AbstractAim: The current work was conducted aiming to determine the patients delay, doctor delay and treatment delay among patients with pulmonary TB and to detect the effect of some socio demographic factors on delay in diagnosis and treatment.Patients & method: Across sectional study was carried out in AL-Anbar province (AL-Anbar center for chest diseases and tuberculosis), for the period from the 1st of October 2003 to the 30th of May 2004. The study depends on inter view questionnaire of newly diagnosed pulmonary TB. (PTB)Results: Patients’ delay: Mean 67.26 + 31.04 days. Doctor delay: Mean 39.71 +24.42 days. Total delay: Mean 106.97 + 51.97 days.Conclusion: There was a delay in diagnosis of PTB both patients and doctors delay, but there was no delay in treatment.