Preparation and Characterization of Cr(III) & Cu(II) Complexes With Mixed Ligand Containing Isatinazine and Semicarbazones


chromium(III) and copper(II) complexes with mixed ligands isatinazine-IAH2 and semicarbazone ligands {including benzoinsemicarbazone- B'SCH2 or isatinsemicarba- zone- ISCH2 or isatinbis(semicarbazone) -ISCH3} have been prepared in neutral (or slightly acidic) and basic medium.
The resulted complexes have been characterized using elemental analysis by atomic absorption spectroscopy and by precipitation methods, relative molecular weight deter mination, molar conductance measurements, molar refraction, magnetic susceptibilities, infrared and electronic spectra. Accordingly, The study suggested that the above ligands form positive ionic complexes having general formula [M(IAH2)(LH2,3)(NO3)m](NO3)n-m or [Cr(IAH2)(B'SCH2)](NO3)3 in neutral (or slightly acidic) medium, whereas neural or negative ionic complexes of the general formula [M(IAH2-y΄)(LH2,3-y˝)] or Na[Cr(IA)(B'SC)] have been resulted in basic medium (where M= Cr+3 or Cu+2; y´=1 or 2; y˝=1 or 2; n=2 or 3; m=1; LH2,3= the ligands B'SCH2 or ISCH2 or ISCH3). The ligands acted as neutral or anionic (-1) in neutral (or slightly acidic) or basic medium, respectively. Hexacoordinated mononuclear complexes have been investigated by this study and having octahedral geometries.