The Role of Reverse Supply Chain Processes in Enhancing the Sustainable Development: An Investigating Study in Darin Steel Company


This research deals with the reverse supply chain processes as an independent variable, and sustainable development as a dependent variable. The Reverse Supply Chain Processes consists of five sub-variables (product acquisition, reverse logistics, inspection and disposition, reconditioning, and Re-distribution and sales), while sustainable development has remained as a main dependent variable. These variables were interacted to form the framework of the research, which aims to identify the effect and correlation relationships between reverse supply chain processes and sustainable development. Darin steel company has been chosen because it may be considered as appropriate field to applying the research. The data and information were collected from research sample which consist of (35) person, which involved company manager , his vice , members of board of directors, managers of departments and main units, and supervisors on the work . The questionnaire was used as a main tool for collecting data and information, which was analyzed using a set of statistical methods and through the statistical analysis program (SPSS Ver. 23).Based on the test of effect and correlation relationships between research variables, the research reached to many conclusions and the most important of them : there is a significant effect and correlation relationship between the reverse supply chain processes and sustainable development in the company under research, and according to this, the researcher introduced a set of suggestions for company