Grammatical And Semantic Study Of Subject In Arabic WitReference To English


Subject is regarded as the most significant component of a sentence, yet the other components are important too . This fact is not limited to just Arabic . But it may include different languages . The way of doing research into 'subject' is quite different from a language to another ( Hassan , 1953 : 113 ) . There must be certain limitations on how the study is carried out , otherwise the study will never come to any conclusion . So there are only five points to be the centre of attention in the study as follows : a.clarity of subject. b.subject's position in a sentence. c.subject as a single or multiple – word. d.subject to correspond with a verb in gender and e.subject is compulsory to be omitted. The study is going to be investigated based on grammatical and semantic way so as to see how Arabic and English are different in this respect. It is hypothesized that a subject is present in both Arabic and English but its traits are conceived differently based on different ways. The chief characteristics of subject in the two languages are chosen to be investigated based on the following points: (1) It is preferable to choose specific rules and semantic ways to make the fundamental qualities of subject known to the readers , (2)There must be a condition that puts a limit on the subject ; referring to only fixed rules concern the subject and to explain the intended meaning and (3) The way of understanding the characters of subject in Arabic is different from that of English . In conclusion , a comparison Arabic with English in this respect shows that the English readers may face a multitude of difficulties to realize this topic well ; unlike the Arab readers who can conceive the study easily .