Optimal UAV Deployment for Data Collection in Deadline-based IoT Applications


The deployment of UAVs is one of the key challenges in UAV-based communications while using UAVs for IoT applications. In this article, a new scheme for energy efficient data collection with a deadline time for the Internet of things (IoT) using the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) is presented. We provided a new data collection method, which was set to collect IoT node data by providing an efficient deployment and mobility of multiple UAV, used to collect data from ground internet of things devices in a given deadline time. In the proposed method, data collection was done with minimum energy consumption of IoTs as well as UAVs. In order to find an optimal solution to this problem, we will first provide a mixed integer linear programming model (MILP) and then we used a heuristic to solve the time complexity problem. The results obtained in the simulation results indicate the optimal performance of the proposed scheme in terms of energy consumption and the number of used UAVs.