Geography between Reality & Career


The diverse scientific knowledge is fused into the crucible of place and geography, as it had a significant impact in the Development of human Civilization with different knowledge. It was a product that meets the needs of Humanity in different fields of life and critical times ,which takes on a fateful character.On the other hand, it was necessary to develop the skills of Applied Geography, being the practical aspect that meets the needs of the market and the different institutions. However, the geographers stuck to abstract theoretical branches and considered pure disciplines without paying attention to the useful side of this science, has increased the monotony of local geography, So practical application is bring the theory to reality, and to get benefit from it, to rise to the level of law, to achieve the basic principles of science (Prediction & Generalization), and to take advantage of the comparison in this aspect.The attempts of the Iraqi geographers to develop and bridge the gap in this subject are part of their initiatives to promote applied geo-studies in many academic institutions and to adopt them as specialized departments in an attempt to break the barrier of monotony and seduction, Which is the intended target, to integrate with spatial science into an integrated unit and that will be an important project to solve the problems of the modern area in the country with the latest technologies used in these science.