Prophylactic role of lactic acid prepared from lactobacillus acidophilus on cryptosporidiosis


Cryptosporidium has considered as a prominent enteropathogen of humans and animals. Until recently, there is no totally effective therapy other than a healthy intact immune system. Probiotics reported to stimulate both innate and acquired immunity at mucosal and systemic levels. It has been suggested that probiotics inhibit infection by excretion of substances harmful to one of the parasite’s developmental stages and possibly offer new therapeutic factors for the treatment of cryptosporidiosis .The aim of the present study was to detect the prophylactic effect of lactic acid prepared by Lactobacilli acidophillus against the infection with Cryptosporidium in an rabbits model, by estimating hematological and immunological criteria. The results showed that the using of probiotics induced significant reduction in parasite burden, lymphocyte numbers were increased significantly in infected and treated animals. There is a significant increase in the level of IgG ,IgM , C3 and C4 in infected animals.