Produce the single cell protein (SCP) by the liquid cultures methods from Schanginia aegyptiaca powder by the use Aspergillus niger and testing Biological


The study was conducted to produce the single cell protein by the use of Schanginiaaegyptiaca powder wastes of nutrient media and wheat hey. The aim was to grow local isolateswhich were already diagnosed and sieved from (Aspergillus niger) in the liquid culturesmethods by using flasks in shaker incubators fermentation. The suitable conditions forproduction such as components media, percentage of support materials, time of incubation andtype of best isolate for production were determined. Yield components of single cell proteinwere checked. The yield, was then used in food and the breeding media of fruit fly (Drosophilamelanogaster). The results were as follows :-1- Obtaining 10 local isolates inhabiting Schanginia aegyptiaca, three of them were selecteddepending on the ratio of growth diameter which ranged between (5.60-6.40) cm on PDAmedia.2- The selected isolates Is-3, Is-4, Is-8 with A.niger-S showed an ability to grow on theprepared media Schanginia aegyptiaca with a rate lower than the PDA media. The Is-8isolate has been selected and diagnosed to belong to fungi A. niger-P8 with A.niger-Sisolate.3- The liquid media, prepared from the powder of Schanginia aegyptiaca and wheat hey in 1:1percentage produced the highest yield of single cell protein 9.11 g/Lit with A. niger-P8isolate and 8.91 g/Lit with A. niger-S isolate during 8 days incubation period.4- The highest percentage of the parent protein in biomass was 32.12 and 32.56 from A. niger-P8 and A. niger-S isolates, respectively, and the produced protein contained low percentageof nucleic acids RNA and DNA. The totals of their percentage were 5.18% and 5.32%, andrevealed that it contains 15 amino acids. The rates of amino acids were 81.4 and 80.5 g/100gof protein for the two isolates A. niger-P8 and A. niger-S, respectively, andcharacteristically the highest content of Aspartic; 16.12 and 15.62 g/100g of protein in theliquid cultures for the A. niger-P8 and A. niger-S isolates, respectively. revealed thatproduction are free from toxins.5- The use of microbial protein produced from the liquid fermentation for A. niger-P8 andA. niger-S in feeding fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster instead of Corn starch in 100%percentage gave the highest rate in the number of mature insect 1473 and 1381, forthe proteins of the two isolates A. niger-P8 and A. niger-S, respectively.