Parliamentary immunity in Islamic jurisprudence


Undoubtedly the subject of parliamentary immunity from contemporary developments, Which corresponds in Islamic legislation to the term Shura Council, the aim of this research is to demonstrate the legitimate rule of this immunity enjoyed by members of the House of Representatives, This subject is saturated with legal research, Where most of the constitutions of the world and its laws, But he did not look in terms of jurisprudence, The nature of the research required that it be in two sections, The first topic dealt with three demands, The first requirement included the definition of parliamentary immunity in language and terminology, The second requirement included a definition and statement of the parliaments of the Islamic Shari'a, The third requirement guarantees the legitimacy of the people of the solution and the contract, or the deputies of the nation, The second topic was the rule of parliamentary immunity in Islamic jurisprudence and positive law, It came in two demands, The first requirement guarantees the legitimate rule and doctrinal legitimization of parliamentary immunity, Supported by evidence and conclusions, The second requirement guarantees the legal characterization of parliamentary immunity. Then the research concluded with a conclusion that showed the most important results of the research.