Determination of Alliin and Allicin in different types Garlic using High Performance Liquid Chromatography


Abstract:Alliin and Allicin products were measured and determined by ion-pair reversed-phase liquid chromatography (RP-LC) with UV detection at 210 nm. These two Compounds were extracted from various types of garlic with methanol / ethyl acetate and chromatographed on octadecyl silane column [ODS C18 (250 x 4.6 mm id)] with gradient elution from 0.01M phosphate buffer (PH=2.5) with 5M heptanslfonic acid (mobile phaseA) to 0.01M phosphate buffer (PH=2.5) acetonitrile(1:1) (mobile phase B). Allicin was eluted after Alliin. The results observed show that the concentration differs between the different types of garlic. The aqueous Iraqi garlic extract has the highest concentration of Alliin and Allicin (17.9 ppm, 0.9%),(23.94 ppm, 1.2%) respectively. But the lowest concentration of allicin was found in French garlic extract (0.56 ppm, 0.03%) while the lowest level of Alliin was (4.3 ppm, 0.22%) in Chinese garlic extract.