Synthesis and Characterization of two Closed Side Oxadiazole ligands with their Related Complexes Cu( II ) and Pd(II)


The two oxadiazole new ligands of bis oxadiazol derivatives, have been synthesized by the reaction of (L1)and , oxadiazol-2yl] methane (L2.) with adibic acid in presence of ethnolic solution of potassium hydroxide. The mixture was refluxed for eight hours. The ligands were characterized using IR 1H.NMR13C-NMR and mass spectroscopies .The ( L3 ) was used to synthesize complexes with metals Cu( II ) and pd(II ) . The complexes were studied and identified using IR, UV-VIS spectra and molar conductivity, magnetic susceptibility and atomic absorption techniques. The results exhibited that all complexes have an octahedral structure