Numerical Taxonomy for Pinus sp. Growing in Northern of Iraq


The present research included numerical taxonomy for (6) species belonging to the genusPinus L. (Pinaceae) which are growing in north of Iraq in (11) Sites which were distributed inNinavah, Dohuk and Erbil Provinces, five of them were cultivated ( Pinus halepensis Mill., P.eldarica Medw., P. pinea L., P. canariensis Sm. and P. radiata Son.) and one species grownaturally ( P. brutia Ten.). By using morphological, and chemical features. The enhanced numericalcomparison (numerical taxonomy) for phenotypic traits and the chemical health systematic of thespecies and separation Pinus brutia from P. halepensis and the rest of the species separation fromeach other. The results showed that the highest similarity range among the species was 75.47%between P. brutia and P. eldarica . while the species P. halepensis of the end of Dendrogram bysimilarity range with P. brutia at 26.41% . and this result was similar with polygonal