Prevalence of Iron Deficiency in Patients with Heart Failure


Background: Heart failure (HF) is a common health issue with the prevalence between 1% and 2% in public; in addition, it is a major riskfactor for mortality, morbidity, and low quality of life. The prevalence of iron deficiency (ID) in patients with chronic HF (CHF) was examinedin the present study. Materials and Methods: In the present cross‑sectional, iron parameters of patients hospitalized for CHF decompensationwere prospectively assessed within the 72 h following admission to hospital. ID was established as serum ferritin <100 μg/ml (absolute ID)and serum ferritin between 100 and 299 μg/ml with transferrin saturation <20% (functional ID) in accordance with the European Society ofCardiology HF Guidelines 2012. Results: The present study showed that the prevalence of absolute and functional iron deficiencies in patientswith CHF was 44.9% and 18.8%, respectively, and 36.2% did not have the ID. The study did not find a significant difference in ID betweenmale and female patients and between the patients with and without comorbidities. Conclusions: The present study suggests that ID is verycommon in patients admitted for CHF.