Elliptic Curve Video Encryption in Mobile Phone Based on Multi-Keys and Chaotic Map


The security of video applications in mobile devices has become recently an important field research. Dealing with video data, which is large compared to text and image and processing it in the mobile platform is a big challenge. Generally, the efficiency of any video encryption algorithm is concerned with two criteria, the computational time required to process video data, and the memory usage according to the resources on the smartphone. The secured system in 3G devices has become a matter of importance. This paper presents an implementation of full video encryption using Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) on a mobile device. The operations on ECC include doubling and addition on the finite field as the backbone for an elliptic curve. Also, mapping representation is introduced to convert every byte of plain video into a point on EC. The paper proposed multi-keys instead of using one key as usual. Also, Chaotic Key Generator (CKG) is exploited for the randomness of the multi-keys. The proposed work focuses on increasing the security with multi-keys and to get acceptable time for encryption and decryption in a limited environment like mobile. The system is implemented using Android Studio with version (3.0) and using java language, it is implemented on Android version 7.0 (Nougat) and on mobile Galaxy S8.