The method of detail in Arabic and the Holy Quran


The person who has done what is in the text is a statement of its meaning, and its purpose is to be clarified. And Arabic language statement, and modesty. And when the text is concerned with regard to the first image, and clarity of the mechanisms of existence. And the Arab provided so little Amuri in the electronic quorum of the Middle East.- The means of showing the pulse in all its forms and detail and is clear in detail in many issues, including what was in the letters that precede the graphs. To the names on the basis of detail. I have seen that I put it in the first section: the detail of the letters, so I gathered in it the details of the letter such as: (mother), and (or) and similar to their meaning. And secondly: detailing the names, such as detail in terms of class, allowance, discrimination, and the like.And the mournful performance of this sorrow is everywhere. The research concluded with the results of the research.