A Cognition Path Planning with a Nonlinear Controller Design for Wheeled Mobile Robot Based on an Intelligent Algorithm


This paper presents a cognition path planning with control algorithm design for a nonholonomic wheeled mobile robot based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm. The aim of this work is to propose the circular roadmap (CRM) method to plan and generate optimal path with free navigation as well as to propose a nonlinear MIMO-PID-MENN controller in order to track the wheeled mobile robot on the reference path. The PSO is used to find an online tune the control parameters of the proposed controller to get the best torques actions for the wheeled mobile robot. The numerical simulation results based on the MATLAB package show that the proposed structure has a precise and highly accurate distance of the generated reference path as well as it has obtained a perfect torque control action without spikes and no saturation torque state that leads to minimize the tracking error for the wheeled mobile robot.