The Educational Composition in Iraq and its social and cultural effects upon the strength of the state


The educational level of the population, as well as their scientific and technical progress, is an important role in building the political power of the State. The huge population is not sufficient to build the power of the State alone, since the scientific and technical expertise of these populations must be provided. Although the population of Iraq is about 33 million, illiteracy and underdevelopment are significant for the population. The composition of the educational and scientific population is an important basis for distinguishing between powerful countries with international political weight and weak states that have no international political weight in international forums , Regardless of the size of its population.The educational level of the country's population is measured by some educational indicators, such as the illiteracy rate among the male and female population of different ages, as well as the percentage of students enrolled in schools and institutes in the various educational stages. This will be shown by the researcher in his research.The research was damaged by three questions, as well as the introduction and the summary in Arabic and English . The first topic: - Education in Iraq before 2003 The second topic: - Geographical distribution of the numbers of students and schools in Iraq, except for the Kurdistan Region 2013-2014,2014-2015 . The third topic: - The effects of educational dropout and high illiteracy rate on the strength of the state