Fabrication and characterization of porous silicon for humidity sensor application


Porous Silicon (PS) layer has been prepared from p-type silicon by electrochemical etching method. The morphology properties of PS samples that prepared with different current density has been study using atom force measurement (AFM) and it show that the Layer of pore has sponge like stricture and the average pore diameter of PS layer increase with etching current density increase. The x-ray diffraction (XRD) pattern indicated the nanocrystaline of the sample. Reflectivity of the sample surface is decrease when etching current density increases because of porosity increase on surface of sample. The photolumenses (PL) intensity increase with increase etching current density. The PL is affected by relative humidity (RH) level so we can use as humidity sensor. The electrical resistivity has been increased after PS layer formed due to the variation of the pore size and it was much higher after increase etching current.