Effect of V-Shape Twisted Jaw Turbulators on Thermal Performance of Tube heat exchanger: An Experimental Study


The main purpose of the present investigation is enhancing heattransfer rate in a tube heat exchanger by using V-shape twisted Jaws. Theair is used as a working fluid and pumped through the test section withdifferent values of Reynolds number (6000 - 19500), while the heat flux hasbeen selected as a constant boundary condition around the tube section. Inthis study, two type of twisted jaw turbulators are used with two twistedratio (TR= 2 & 4) as well as, the effect of using different numbers ofturbulators (N= 6, 8 and 10) inside test section with equal distancesbetween pieces are studied. The results indicated that, using augmentationswith TR=2 gives better heat transfer rate and thermal performance factorcomparing with the other case TR=4. The maximum rate of heat transfer isachieved in case of N=10 by an increased 160.29% for TR=2 and 102% forTR=4 comparing with plain tube case. In addition, results show that thevalues of thermal performance factor exceed the unity and shows uptrendbehavior with rising numbers of turbulators indicating to feasibility of usingthese turbulators practically.