Potential of Alfalfa for Use in Phytoremediation of Soil Polluted with Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons


Remediation technology is a promising technique decrease pollutantlike hydrocarbons from the environment. An experimental work was made atgreen house of University of Technology in order to study the effect of crudeoil on the vegetate growth and to measure the decrement which happened onshoot height, germination rate and the reduction of total petroleumhydrocarbon (TPH), which result, by this phytoremediation technique. Thesamples of soil were measured for TPH reduction and removal by Horibamodel (oil content analyzer) OCMA–350. Five doses were used in thisexperiment (0 control, 10x103, 30 x103, 50 x103, 75 x103) (mg crude oil / kgsoil). The polluted soil used in this study appeared to be a harmfulenvironment for alfalfa plants, leading to serious adverse effects on alfalfagermination and growth. Seed germination is known to be a sensitive processaffected by environmental factors like the presence of soil pollutants.