Catalytic Growth of Carbon Nanotubes on Ni Nanoparticals Prepared Using Nd-YAG Pulse Laser Technique


Carbon Nanotubes were prepared and studied using NiSO4.6H2O catalyst irradiated by Nd-YAG laser pulses. Solution of nickel sulfate in distilled water was prepared in different concentrations (2 and 5 ) mg/ml. Clean Si(100) p-type substrate was coated with NiSO4.6H2O solution using dip and spin coating techniques respectively. Samples were then irradiated by different parameters of Nd-YAG pulsed laser in ambient atmosphere to produce catalyst nanoparticles. Carbon nanotubes were grown using a tube furnace. The irradiated Si sample was introduced into the middle of the quartz tube located inside in the furnace. CNT's were grown at 750C using acetylene and argon gases for about 20 minute. The results were characterized by optical microscope, FESEM and TEM analysis. The study showed that CNT's growth with small MWCNT’s diameters (20-70 nm) was successfully achieved with NiSO4 nanocatalyst using pulsed laser as a hammering device. New morphology of carbon nanotubes called noodles –like CNT’s was observed with FESEM micrograph.