Effect of Pseudomonas aureofaiciens & Pseudomonas putida on growth of sorghum biocolor and protect them from infection of Rhizoctonia solani fungi


The activity of two bacteria isolates Pseudomonas aureofaiciens &Pseudomonas putida in improving some specific and quantitative characters ofSorghum biocolor and protecting the plant from infection with the fungus Rhizoctoniasolani was studied. Complete Randomized Design with three replicates was used in thisexperiment. The results showed significant higher values of treatments with bacterialisolates in growth percentage, leaf area, height of plant, chlorophyll content and dryweight of shoots. The results also showed significant differences in levels of nitrogen andphosphorus in shoot weight of plant for all treatments which treated with bacterialvaccines. The isolates also improved the studied characters of plants cultured in soilcontaminated with Rhizoctonia solani and significantly inhibited the effect of plantpathogen. We concluded from this research it can use bacterial vaccines as newbiological technique in improving Agricultural production as Biofertilizers andBiocontrol to inhibit fungi growth on crops.