Obstacles to the development of small and medium enterprises in Iraq, with a focus on the financing role of private banks


Small and medium enterprises a part of economic and social development not only for their ability to provide jobs and mcrease exports and the development of the innovations and talent and increase its contribution in diversification economic and cross domestic product, Small and medium enterprises it become cast attention in serious to the state and organizations in addition to the attention of ecomists the studies and the experiments refer to the importance of the Small and medium enterprises in the economics of most of the world, it has proved the a ability of this project to with stand the period of crisis for example resistance to infornt of the implication of the global financial crisis 2008 As shown that it is the engine to the economic development in main developed countries , but although the important but it's suffering from asset of constraints and in the Iraq has produced event in 2003 phenomena paid to the attention to the development of small and medium enterprises which require to go to development of these projects.