The Role of marketing Deception in consumer's behavior A prospective study of a sample of customers shopping malls in the city of Erbil


This research aims to identify the impact of the dimensions of marketing deceptions presented as (Deception of goods and services), price deceptions. Also deception in terms of money and promotions on consumer's behavior.This research conducted of Shopping Malls in the city of Erbil throughout fields of research variables that based on a theoretical and systematic framework. As it is built to test two hypotheses correlation between the research and influencing variables. In order to achieve the goal of this research and complete the requirements proceeded.The researcher prepared a theoretical framework to benefit from the literature review. Further, a research method (methodology) technique have been used such as Questionnaire from consisted research samples. This process carried out by distributing (95) samples of questionnaires to customers in the Marketing centers surveyed as the main tool for data collections and used range of statistical methods that is appropriate to verify the assumptions of the research.