The Effect of Cement Dust on the Activity of GOT , GPT and ALK Enzymes in Al-Qaim Cement Factory Workers


This research was conducted on a random sample of (58) individuals , (38) of them weredirectly exposed to cement dust . They were distributed according to units into (9) in oven department ,(17) individuals in cement grinding department and (12) in packaging department . Ten individualswere indirectly exposed to cement dust and (10) individuals from inhabitants in villages and suburbsrepresented the control group . The study aimed at exploring the effect of exposure to cement dust andits side-effect on the activity of (ALK , GPT and GOT) chemobiological parameters of workers in Al-Qaim cement factory , as well as the effect of smoking on increasing the activity these enzymes .Results of the study indicated a significant increases (p<0.05) in the values of GOT (8.1 I.U/L) , GPT(7.4 I.U/L) and ALK (8.2 I.U/L) in direct exposure group . Their values in indirect (administrative)group were ; GOT (5.62 I.U/L) , GPT (7.90 I.U/L) and ALK (7.58 I.U/L) in comparison with thecontrol group which were (3.8 , 2.1 , 3.7 I.U/L) , respectively . In addition to this , the results revealedthat the effect of cement dust increased with age and the time duration of exposure to pollutants(cement dust) . These represented the effect of the length of service duration on the value of theactivity these enzymes . Moreover , smoking was influential and led to an increase in the activity theseenzymes values in smoking working in comparison with non-smoking workers .