IoT Based Intelligent Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System


Recently, the Internet of Thing technology has been usedto develop numerous applications, this paper compromisingdesign and implementation of greenhouse prototype thatintegrated with the IoT to adjust the system’s parameters andmonitor the system status from any place in this world.This system involves three intelligent controllers that designedto stabilize the temperature degree, the water level in the soil, andlight intensity inside the greenhouse prototype structure. Thesesystems have been built by two important parts: the hardwareand software.The hardware part could be achieved by designing andimplementing the control circuits, actuators, and install thesensors as well as the devices. The second one is the softwarethe part which is involves implementing Fuzzy Inference Enginethat represent the system’s brain that monitor and manage theentire process in the system to ensure the best performance.This system has been built to contain three control systems thatmeans there are three different Fuzzy controllers. In order tokeep the system practicality, the fuzzy controllers should beaggregated in single code that resides in single microcontrollerchip with additional codes that perform the IoT duties.The proposed IoT system provides the ability for specificpeople to monitor and manage their systems remotely, using aweb application with cloud technology.The major contributions of the proposed system are started bydownloading the controller’s set-points (the desiredenvironmental conditions) from the web page, transfer the setpoints to the controllers, and upload data that read fromsensors to the same web page.)