The emotional creativity for university's student :The current research aims to identify1-Emotional creativity among university students.2-The significance of differences in the emotional creativity of the university students according to gender variables (male-female), specialty (scientific-human), grade(Second - Fourth). To achieve the objectives of the current research, the researchers adopted the following:1-Use (descriptive approach) in detecting the level of emotional creativity.2-Building the measure of emotional creativity among university students The researchers adopted the theory of Averill (Averill) The measure in the final version of (28) paragraph has been divided into three areas are (emotional readiness, emotional novelty, effectiveness / emotional origin) The tool was applied to the final research sample which reached (500) students in the University of Qadisiya for the academic year (2016-2017). The data were unloaded using the statistical bag for social sciences (SPSS). The results were as follows: -1-University students have a high level of emotional creativity.2-university students of females have a higher emotional creativity than students.3-University students in human specialization are more creative and emotional than students of scientific specialization.4-There are no differences in degree of emotional creativity among students in the( second –fourth). To complement these findings, the researchers presented a number of recommendations and suggestions for research.