Childhood Features in the Arts of Modernity and Their Reflection in the Students' Output of the Department of Art Education


This research concerned with the study of (the childishs, features of Art of modernity and Reflections in products, students of the Department of Art Education), The research divided into four chapters, the first one deals with the research problem ,its importance and the need of it, its aim, its limits and the terminology. The research problem deals with the childish, features subject at the products, students of the Department of Art Educations which has undergone a major transformations and a wide interest with Monitor changes Conceptual and structural in the aesthetic discourse of art, As a result, every change occurs in that thought Reflected on the nature and achievements of artistic trends, New approaches have emerged in the nature of dealing with drawings to reveal the updated handling frameworks in the plastic paintings through the emergence of features and characteristics of effective children’s of effective children’s fees.The research aims to reveal the childish features of the arts of modernity in products, students of the department of art educations includes charges for childish features in technical schools (Brutality and expressionism) ,As well as the definition of the most important terms contained therein. The second chapter contain the to the theoretical border of the research and the past studies , the theoretical border contain two sections, the first section contain the childish, features and phases of the growth of artistic expression , the second section contain Art of Modernity .The Third section contain the research society and his sample which contain (5) art works, and the analyzing tool, and select the method of the research by the description Analytic method in analyzing students, drawings and appropriate statistical means and analysis of sample research samples.The four chapter contain the Results and conclusions and the recommendations and proposals, the most important results: A. Childhood visions varied in childhood productions, among several cargos distributed between realism, expressionism, miscellaneous, brutality.B. The recurrence attribute appeared in student productivity that played an active role in the embodiment of optical units through the echo of structural elements color and linearity which serves the technical work unit.