Maximum Special Strength Endurance Training In 400m Youth Hurdles Biomechanical Step Phases and Achievement


The importance of the research lies in designing strength endurance exercises in step biomechanics (legs only) in 3rd and 8th hurdles and everything connected to this training from mechanical achievement in these two hurdles and achieving 400m hurdles. The aim of the research was to identify the biomechanical variables (kinematical and kinetical variables) in the 3rd and 8th hurdles as well as designing maximum strength endurance for the lower limbs and their effects on developing biomechanical variables of 3rd and 8th hurdles and achieving 400m hurdles. The research was applied on 400m hurdle runners from the national center for the gifted in athletics. The researcher used the experimental method, conducted 400m hurdle test while shooting 3rd and 8th hurdles for sep analysis. Maximum strength endurance training was applied on lower limbs for developing the endurance of these muscles. The training program lasted for 24 training sessions with three training session per week. The researcher concluded maximum strength endurance special training positively affected the biomechanical achievement in 3rd and 8th hurdles in the subjects understudy.