Design and Implementation of Virtual Grid-Based Parallel Computer (VGBPC)


: Many Areas in Science and industrial applications requires huge computation power that is must achieve the desired level of computation. The field of distributed computing covers all aspects of computing and information access across multiple processing elements connected by any form of communication network. In this paper we investigate the design and implementation of a grid based system depending on an Intranet based on Windows operating system. The proposed Virtual Grid-Based Parallel Computer (VGBPC) system was written using C# and .NET 3.5 framework. The system uses the remote computer as a node to accomplish the execution task. The Grid Manger system was built to be initiated on the server of the Intranet which responsible of partitioning the task and assigning each partition to Grid thread that is transmitted to the Grid Executer. The Grid Executer implemented in this work responsible of receiving the threads from the Grid manger, executing them and resending them back to the Grid Manager. The proposed system was used to accomplish parallel Prime Number Checker to investigate the (VGBPC) capabilities.