The role of Performance Focused Activity Based Costing (PFABC) in the institutional excellence/Field study on Babylon Bank


The present paper aims to determine the concept and the advantages the Performance Focused Activity Based Costing (PFABC) and then to show its implementing reflection to achieve the institutional excellence in the Iraqi environment. Babylon bank was considered as a case study to show the ability of applying the (PFABC) and subsequently to achieve the institutional excellence and then the bank objectives. The financial and cost data has been considered for the year of 2016, the personal interviews with the bank chair of departments have also considered for collecting the primary data. After analyzing the data, many conclusions have been drawn. For instance, as the PFABC can help the bank to reach the institutional excellence through a comparison among the sub-departments and determine the profitable department with least variances to be considered as a leading department forthe performance of other departments. Many recommendations has been reached after reading the analysis information such as its necessary to apply the PFABC in the bank under research based on the advantages of this type of systems. Furthermore, its important to analyze the reasons of the variances in the bank either it was favorable or unfavorable as both of them is an indication of inefficiency.