Management of Accounts receivable and its Effect on financial performance An Applied study for a number of companies listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange


The objective of this study is to identify the effect of the management of accounts receivables on the financial performance, in addition to focus on the policies followed by the companies studied in managing this important aspect of the current assets and the extent of their reflection on the improvement or decline in their financial performance. the study field a sample composed of nine deliberate companies represented by seven industrial companies, and two agricultural companies, for a period of eleven years (2006-2016), using statistical technics such as (Simple and Multiple Regression Coefficient). The main conclusion of this study was: there is an impact on the management of receivables on financial performance which it has been achieved receivables turnover rate that impact on the financial performance, while the proportion of day sales outstanding came in second place and occupied the influential receivables ratio that ranked the third most influential and according to the values of the effect factor, and the study concluded a Set of Suggestions for Iraqi companies that studied.