Effect Of Carotenoids That Produced From Rhodotorula Glutinis Yeast On Some Biochemical And Enzymes Parameters In White Rat Meals


This study was conducted, to find out the effect of carotenoids that produced from Rhodotorula glutinis yeast on some biochemical and enzymes parameters in white rat meals. The oral dosage results for each of microbial and plant Carotenoids on the experimental rats showed a significant increase (p<0.05) in the total number of white blood cells, the values of haemoglobin level Hb, the percentage of the Packed cell volume PVC, the number of the red blood cells RBC, Mean Corpuscular Volume MCV, Mean Corpuscular hemoglobin MCH, Mean Corpuscular hemoglobin concentration MCHC have no significantly changed compared with the control group. The results also showed that there is no significant change in both the enzymes level, AST, ALT, ALP and the albumin and the total protein. With regard to the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol and LDL, HDL, VLDL, the results showed a slight decrease in the levels of triglycerides but it did not significantly affected compared with the control group. In addition, there was not a clear impact on both cholesterol and lipoproteins. As well as the results of the study showed that there was slightly changes in the levels of both urea and creatinine but it had no significant impact.