Effect of Levels of Phosphorus and Iron on Growth, Yield and Quality of Flax (Linum usitatissumum L)


The study include the effect of three levels of phosphorus (0, 50, 100 kg TSP ha-1 with three levels of Cheated iron (0, 4, 8 kg Fe-EDDHA ha-1) and their combinations on growth characters, yield and quality of flax using split plot design with three replicates. The results indicated that the highest values of oil%, oil yield , P% , protein% , Fe concentration (23% , 346.47 kg .ha-1 ,6.65 %, 27.47 % , 151.90 ppm) were recorded from treatment combinations (P0 Fe1, P1 Fe0, P2Fe1, P1Fe0 and P2Fe2) respectively. While the lowest values of P%, protein and Fe concentration were recorded from (P0Fe0), and the lowest values of oil% and oil yield were recorded from P0Fe2 and P2Fe2 respectively. On the other hand increase in levels of applied phosphorus and iron caused increase in seed index from (5.65 to 6.53 g) and from (5.24 to 6.39 g) respectively. The highest biological yield (7031.07 kg ha-1) and seed yield (1645.78 kg ha-1) were recorded from treatment combinations (P0Fe2), while the lowest values of them (2986.20 and 868.33 kg ha-1) were obtained from treatment combination (P0Fe0 and P1Fe2) respectively.