The term human resources development study in Islamic theory


This study addressed human resources development (HRD)from an Islamic perspective It has been revealed that term “development” is notmentioned in the Qur’an, but several concepts referred to HRD, such as of the land. This concept is conditional on the idea of caliphate rule in the who land, which includes making natural resources subservient to humans works on producing goods and services that serve the inheriting humanity. The Qur’anic texts urged on work through spreading in the land, aiming at consolidating the principles and values that serve the human resource and help to look after and develop it, making it the foundation and goal human development. For the sake of these signposts, Islam has valued the human resource and taken interest in him/her and the development of his/her capacities,through several fields, such as self-preservation, provision of food andclothing security, combating poverty, and other fields.It has been clarified that the Islamic view of human development excels in its commitment to religious and moral controls in its relationships with humans and their environment. It also obligates that this development is not implemented away from both in order to achieve success and progress.