Social marketing and its impact on the trade-off between Porter's competitive strategies Applied research in the premium class Baghdad hotels


Sheds search light on the relationship between social marketing dimensions (the interests of the organization, community well-being, customer satisfaction) and strategies Porter competitiveness for its removal (cost leadership strategy, a strategy of differentiation, and focus strategy), and tries to achieve a set of practical goals, and summarized the research problem how interesting organized researched the application of social marketing and interest in achieving Porter competitive strategy and the omission of this interest in the hotels surveyed, and based on this problem and the relationship between the main research variables and sub-three hypotheses were formulated by the President of the branched (8) sub-hypotheses. Resolution has been adopted tool in the data and information related to research collection, and was introduced into the test validity and reliability, and distributed to a sample consisting of 85 members of the first class hotels managers in Baghdad and directors of departments and people and their assistants in the six five-star are hotels: "Good hotel, and Hotel Babylon, and Ishtar Hotel, and the Palestine Hotel, Baghdad Hotel, Al-Mansour Hotel, "the researcher used the statistical program Ready (SPSS-19) and the program (Excel) for the purposes of analysis, and through a set of statistical tools used in the analysis. Statistical methods has shown that a number of findings Perhaps the most prominent and there were no significant links between social marketing strategies and competitive Porter, also appeared that there is a significant effect between social marketing strategies Porter competitive, and there are significant differences between the average answers to the social dimensions of marketing (the organization's interests and welfare of the community, and customer satisfaction) in the premium-class hotels surveyed, as there are significant differences between the average answers Porter competitive strategies and dimensions (cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy, focus strategy), in the hotels surveyed. Through the results presented provided a set of recommendations, the most prominent of the surveyed hotels should be interesting to keep social marketing and activating its role in supporting and building competitive strategies Porter selected.