The Physical Evidence Of The Product And Its Impact In Attracting The Customer AField research for a sample of private medical clinics in Maysan


Abstract The current research problem includes a variety of research motivations to serve the private health sector, which is witnessing a great competition from internal and external environments. In this regard, private medical clinics are increasingly seeking to attract and retain customers through the quality of their service offerings represented by health services. Innovative and effective marketing methods to improve performance and stay in competition, by relying on the physical evidence of the product as a component of the marketing mix of services and its role in particular in packaging and supporting the health service with concrete evidence that affects the customer and works to attract and know If the physical aspects of health services serve the customer correctly, thus achieving a marketing motive in the private medical clinics, the research is based on three main hypotheses are the correlation and impact and variance and sub-hypotheses, and tested the research in a number of private medical clinics in Maysan, A sample of (379) customer in private medical clinics. The questionnaire was used as a main tool for collecting data and information as well as personal interviews. A number of statistical methods were used to analyze, interpret and process data (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, Difference, relative importance, and z test) and the adoption of ready statistical programs such as SPSS V.23 and Microsoft Excel v2010. The research found a number of conclusions, the most important of which was the interest of the medical clinics, which are concerned with the dimensions of the physical evidence of the product (light, temperature, design, waiting time, appearance of the doctor, posters) and based on the assessment of the opinions of the sample examined for its importance in attracting the customer Of the same specialization to enable them to provide medical service attractive to the customer in the medical field), and in the light of the conclusions were developed a set of recommendations was the most important (working to develop and enhance the dimensions of the physical evidence of the product in medical clinics investigated through the use of marketing methods limit And in keeping with the development, especially in the medical field, because the customer at present is fully aware of the environment in which medical service is provided and its role in attracting and building a positive image).