Measuring The Level of Complexity In The Process University – Case Study At The Southern Technical University.


Abstract: Complexity is the inherent characteristic of contemporary organizations. It is characterized by the intertwining and expansion of its relations, by the severe disorder and rapid change in its environment, which makes it suffer from a state of uncertainty in determining the direction of its future or the assessment of the rules governing its paths. All organizations tend to evolve with increasing sophistication, And to take measures that contribute to the simplification of the system as it moves towards complexity, allowing the administration to easily control its movement and directions, and the problem of complexity in the university is based on the entanglement and overlap in the goals and processes between the driving forces of the University processes, In order to study the problem, its causes and methods of control, the Southern Technical University was selected as a field of study. (Vorgelegt von, 2009) to measure the level of complexity in the university subject of the study, because it is the most comprehensive and accurate in measuring the level of complexity, and developed a checklist for the collection of data on complexity in the university referred to above, and results of data analysis, The study (the Southern Technical University) is heading towards complexity and is now in its infancy. Leaving the subject unchanged may cause more serious complications, so the recommendations have been developed to achieve a dynamic balance between the complexity requirements and the need for simplification.