Evaluation of serum leptin in normal pregnant and non-pregnant women


Background and objectives: Leptin influences satiety, adiposity, and mechanism is with mechanisms regulating puberty onset, fertility, and pregnancy in various species. This study aimed is to evaluate the serum leptin levels indifferent trimesters of pregnancy and compare with healthy non-pregnant women.Methods: The study was carried out in Erbil city from January to July 2016. Blood specimens were collected in different medical health centers in Erbil city. The sample consisted of two groups; group one consisted of 60 pregnant healthy female individuals. The pregnant group consisted of three subgroups according to the first, second and third trimesters. Group two (control) consisted of 28 healthy non-pregnant female individuals.Results: There were statistically significant (P <0.003) elevation in serum leptin in pregnant compared with the non-pregnant group, and among trimesters. Serum leptin in the second trimester was significantly (P <0.001) higher than that of the first and the third trimesters.Conclusion: Our finding showed that increased serum leptin concentration especially in the second trimester for development of placenta and fetus as a function of leptin.