(Estimation and Analysis of the Cobb-Duglas Production Function for the Rail Transport Sector in Iraq for the Period 1990-2016 using the ARDL Model)


Since the railway transport sector is very important in many countries of the world, we have tried through this research to study the production function of this sector and to indicate the level of productivity under which it operates.It was found through the estimation and analysis of the production function Kub - Duglas that the railway transport sector in Iraq suffers from a decline in the level of productivity, which was reflected in the deterioration of the level of services provided for the transport of passengers and goods. This led to the loss of the sector of importance in supporting the national economy and the reluctance of most passengers and owners of goods The acquisition of that service in mobility and transfer to other modes of transport and then loss of competition with other means of transport.As shown in the estimate of the output function that the capital variable negatively affects the value of production, and this is evident from the capital coefficient that took the negative signal and was associated with the inverse relationship with the level of productivity, and this result shows the poor implementation of investment projects and not implemented on time and that was not In parallel with the level of services provided. On the other hand, there was a positive relationship between the work and the value of the output. This was achieved by reducing the number of workers in this sector according to the period of time chosen in the research. It also became clear that the conditions and events that Iraq experienced had a great impact on the railway sector and other sectors. For other economies.