The impact of electronic banking transactions to increase the net revenue of the Bank of paypal in United States of America for Period ( 2010-2016 )


It is clear to everyone how important it is to implement transactions electronically, as it facilitates the provision of services to beneficiaries, whether individuals or institutions, to achieve many benefits that are not exclusive to the beneficiary or the applicant, but extends to the governmental and international bodies. And the number of users has reached millions since its emergence in 1995, because the concepts of electronic transactions have great advantages for the economy in general and the banking sector in particular, so cooperation in various fields with the aim of becoming an information society has become paramount, It allows customers to pay money to any company they want to invest in, to withdraw profits from profit companies to their own account, to shop online, and to send money to and from anyone in the world who has an account in an electronic bank using simple linear regression (The number of subscribers) and that the greater the volume of transactions through the increase in the number of subscribers, especially in the bank paypal directly led to an increase in net revenue, which adds to the increase in subscriber profits and increase in electronic transactions, and by uses least squares method to test the dynamic joint integration, as interpreted by the independent variable (99%) of the changes in the net income changes for the period (2010-2016) Bank paypal in electronic dealings in the United States of America..