فلسفة الحداثة وانعكاساتها على نصوص لويجيبيراندللو المسرحية


There is no doubt that any doctrine or party comes as a reaction for the previous ones, that is what the new variable's nature produces up to it's new philosophy, so objection comes in first time unintentionally and unplanned but later it sheds all innovators at that time with their all directions and trends no matter what if they are plastic, musician, story writers, novel or a play, all get affected anyway , that is what happened in the appearance of modernity latest of 19th century and beginning of 20th century and how it came as a reaction for all deliberated doctrines at that period and collapsed all huge narrative arts and shed lights on all that period's writers notably the Italian theatrical write LuigiBirandello, who wrote some his plays according to this new change, the research came with four chapters, first one dealt was methodical frame and dealt with research's problem that emanated from the current question:(What are the philosophical concepts that could be relied on in exploring effects of modernity philosophy in the play scripts ofLuigi Birandello)?.Then importance of research and the need for it, also the target of research and its limits that were specified in spatial as in (Italy) and by time was the period (1910-1930), while subjective limit was determined by the following (The modernity and its reflections upon scripts of Luigi Birandello, then the end of this chapter by determining terms and defining them, second chapter was in two sections, first one was entitled with (modernity – by concept – philosophically), second section was entitled with (Cognitive and philosophical references for Luigi Birandello), to end the chapter with previous studies and group of indications that resulted from theoretical frame, while the third chapter (procedures of research) specified population of research to include (17) play the translated plays of Luigi Birandello, sample of research was chosen intentionally from the research population using depictive analytical method because it matches with nature of analyzing the sample, about the tool of research, the researcher relied on the indications that resulted from theoretical frame to finalize the chapter with analyzing the sample, results and conclusions were determined in the fourth chapterthe researcher was ended with list of references.