Models of Ibrahim Touqan's Poetry through the Historical Approach


This research paper is a study of Ibrahim Touqan's poetry through the historical approach. Touqan is considered as the greatest Palestinian poet as heopened wide dimensions in front of poets in general and the Palestinian poets in particular. He is a bright writer and critic, a unique teacher, a journalist and radio announcer, and an astute author and poet. The paper starts with an introduction to the historical approach that is followed by a survey of Touqan's social life and environment as this serves the considered critical approach. Then I critically analyzed some models of Touqan's poetry using the historical approach. Maybe this approach is capable of revealing the aesthetics of Touqan's poetry as he transmitted to us through his poetry the conditions of his nation with its joys and sorrows, and events and incidents. Touqan's poetry is considered as a historical document that he wrote and lived its real events with his ardent patriotic conscience; he is the historian of the Palestinian cause in particular and the causes of his people in his wide Arab world.