The Effect of Proposed Exercises Using Sponge Mat On the Level of Performing Offensive Skills in Sitting Volleyball


The importance of the research lies in using sponge mat with special exercises to develop the performance of sitting volleyball players. The researcher used a sponge mat to make it difficult to perform the exercises. The problem of research is the low level of performing the basic skills in sitting volleyball, which led the researcher to develop exercises designed with sponge mat to see the impact on the skills in question. The research aimed at designing exercises using the sponge mat in sitting volleyball and identifying the effect of these exercises on the level of performance of sitting volleyball basic skills (serving, reception, setting, spiking, blocking, and defense). The research hypothesized statistical significant differences between the control and experimental research groups in pre and posttests in the variables in question and in favor of the posttests. The researchers used the experimental method. The sample of the research was Wissam Al Majd Volleyball Club, which is comprised of fourteen players representing 100% of the entire research community, all of them with motor disabilities. The program consisted of (32) units of training. The data was collected and treated using proper statistical operations to come up with the conclusions