In gist, e-learning is pedagogic tool in a computer system or a framework that cement you to impart anywhere and at any time. Today e-learning is particularly convey though the internet, although at past it was delivered using a mixture of computer-based methods like CD-ROM. The development of technology has the geographical gap is bridged by using a way that can imagine you inside the classroom. E-learning show the strength to participate articles in all types of formats such as word, videos, slideshows, and PDFs. Conducting webinars (Online courses) and communicating with professors via chat and message forums it is a choice obtainable to users.This paper presents idea of e-learning system based on Computer Science Department through it listed all the common subjects of these department with a many types of media of teaching that deliver text, audio, image, animation, streaming video and includes discussion forums, Chat rooms, Wiki spaces, Online Messaging, Journals. It can be assessed on an ongoing basis through Online and offline assignments Quizzes Collaborative activities which may make use of some of the interactive communication tools. The Software used in this representation is Moodle software. Moodle is an Open Source web software package in LMS (Learning Management System) for producing internet-based educational and training courses within the web environment .The prepared System is called ELCSD (E-Learning for Computer Science Department).This ELCSD will help users and students improve their grades, better understand concepts from class, and prepare for tests. Most video lessons are 10 minutes or less, so they get the needed information in a fast and fun format